Scarf DIY

Last school year I was the chaplain of my high school girls choir. The girls had a challenge from me to memorize Psalm 146 and whoever said it to me the most weeks out of the year would get a prize. I racked my brain for a long time until finally a week and a half before I needed to give the prize out, I finally knew what I was going to do. My sister had made this scarf DIY for my other sister and I decided to do the same for the choir girls! I used a white scarf from Target and a Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker to make this scarf and the girl who won it absolutely loved it! Here are some pictures from the process. Enjoy!


A Little DIY


I saw this DIY on Pinterest and decided I had to make these for myself. This is the first DIY on my How Do I Make You Pinterest board that I have actually done, so I am really excited about that.  Here is my finished product!

This process was actually really easy. I picked up some embroidery thread at Michael’s in the color I wanted. In this case I wanted some muted, pretty, and feminine colors so I chose a light salmon and grey. Then I came home and knotted the embroidery thread around the headphones until I got to the bottom. I did notice that they are starting to come undone at the ends but I think I will add some glue to the ends or clear nail polish to keep it from going any further. I really liked this DIY and I encourage all of you to try it out! It’s a great way to keep regular headphones from being boring without breaking the bank.