Playing with Layers

Shirt – H&M * Scarf – gift from Israel * Jeans – American Eagle * Shoes – Toms * Earrings – Claire’s * Sunglasses – Ray Ban * Purse – Vintage Coach (thrifted)

My outfit today was inspired by the slight chill that has been in the air. It seems that “winter” has finally arrived in San Diego in the form of cold breezes. I knew that I wanted to wear this scarf and, inspired by Merrick’s Art, I decided to play with layering different patterns. This scarf was purchased in Israel by my sister and given to my mother and she was kind enough to let me borrow it today. I love having others closets to borrow from. This bag is also my favorite thrift store find. I was just casually looking through the bags when I found this one and it caught my eye. I had been looking for a small bag to use while walking around town. Then  I saw that I had found a vintage Coach purse for $20. It seriously was a great thrifting moment.



Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Source: via Brianna on Pinterest

Hello, everyone! I love sharing the things that have been inspiring me on Pinterest lately. Looking at beautiful things is a well loved hobby of mine. Here’s the inspiration of the week!

Taco Friday

I decided on a change of scenery today. My parents and I had lunch at one of our favorite taco places so I decided to take my outfit pictures out there. I’m going to post about our lunch tomorrow.

Shirt –  Old Navy * Shorts – Eddie Bauer (previously jeans) * Belt – Calvin Klein Jeans * Shoes – Toms

I got these new Toms just yesterday and today was the perfect day to break them in. And yes, I am wearing shorts in January. I really enjoy wearing things that I have changed in some way. These shorts were originally jeans so I did a really easy DIY and just cut them off above the knee and rolled them up. I will probably make these shorts a bit more permanent someday but for now this works. Come back tomorrow to hear about where we had lunch!

Week in Instagram

Instagram constantly reminds me of the abundant blessings in my life. The top two images are gifts given to me by my sister. She is incredibly talented and does crafty things all the time. The next picture is my Starbucks mug from Greece. That trip was literally the trip of a lifetime. The next image is of Temple Run. Man, that game is addicting. So this was a peek into my week. Hope you enjoyed it!


Shirt – Target * Cover – Target * Jeans – American Eagle

Since I have started this blog I have noticed that I don’t wear jewelry often. So I think that is something that I want to start doing more. I see so many bloggers, The Glamourai in particular, wear such amazing jewelry and it really just makes their whole outfit pop. When taking these pictures I didn’t even have shoes on, so jewelry wasn’t my top priority. This outfit was perfect for the day though I spent most of it inside doing schoolwork. When I went out later in the day I threw on my coat from Delia*s because the wind while riding my bike was awful. When I got inside my hands were like icicles. But while in the sun the weather was actually quite nice. We are truly spoiled here in sunny San Diego compared to everyone else who has snow and a real winter.