In Loving Memory

75585_10151302700538107_684108746_nMy dad died last month, surrounded by family. The death was expected, but there are still many little daily adjustments to living life without him. We continue to trust in God and put our faith and hope in Him at this time. My hope is to better articulate my thoughts about this time in a future post, but for now here is a picture and a life update.

“A biography of where he was born, educated and job history does not really convey the true underlying human being, mere words can never capture the true measure of a man’s life. Reed would tell you that his real life was revealed after he was baptized into the body of Christ in 1998. He saw how God had sovereignly guided his life even before he believed in the one true God. His relationships soared. He was gradually transformed to the husband, father and friend that God intended. Reed’s ability to cope with his cancer and death was because he had complete faith in the sure hope of a resurrected life through the sacrifice on his behalf of Jesus Christ. This complete confidence came from his commitment to absolute truth and his 12 years of systematic bible study through the international organization Bible Study Fellowship (BSF).” – an excerpt from his obituary

It has been such a blessing having a dad who was so committed to living out his life the way God would have him live his life. I am thankful for every single day I had with him and I continue to live in the hope that we have through Christ that we will someday see each other again in heaven.


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