25 things to do

Today I am starting a new feature here on A Simple Breeze. On Wednesday’s from now on I am going to be making a list. Since today is the 25th, here are 25 things on my to-do list.

1. write letters

2. make a blogging notebook like the one mentioned in this e-course (that I am loving…review to come soon!)

3. finish reading The Agony and the Ecstasy

4. finish watching HIMYM, my current summer obsession

5. start accomplishing things on my how do i make you pinterest board

6. make a scarf like this one, for myself this time

7. drink more water

8. workout

9. watch the new Batman movie (going to happen today)

10. organize my bookshelf (I have an obsession with alphabetical order)

11. take a nap

12. go thrifting

13. start introducing accessories into my wardrobe

14. learn some basic Spanish

15. develop my Facebook fan page

16. make some passion iced tea, ala this recipe

17. perfect the hair bow

18. learn how to remix my wardrobe

19. set up a blogging calendar

20. learn how to use my camera more effectively

21. practice piano

22.  go for a run

23. delete some of my old emails

24. make something exciting like cheesecake

25. figure out what picture to use on this post (check)Image


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