Playing with Layers

Shirt – H&M * Scarf – gift from Israel * Jeans – American Eagle * Shoes – Toms * Earrings – Claire’s * Sunglasses – Ray Ban * Purse – Vintage Coach (thrifted)

My outfit today was inspired by the slight chill that has been in the air. It seems that “winter” has finally arrived in San Diego in the form of cold breezes. I knew that I wanted to wear this scarf and, inspired by Merrick’s Art, I decided to play with layering different patterns. This scarf was purchased in Israel by my sister and given to my mother and she was kind enough to let me borrow it today. I love having others closets to borrow from. This bag is also my favorite thrift store find. I was just casually looking through the bags when I found this one and it caught my eye. I had been looking for a small bag to use while walking around town. Then  I saw that I had found a vintage Coach purse for $20. It seriously was a great thrifting moment.


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