Dress – Macy’s * Cover – Papaya * Leggings – The Closet * Shoes – Toms

Sunday is one of my favorite days. Typically I get to dress up for church in the morning and then come back home and change into sweats and just relax and also get things done that I hadn’t had a chance to do all week. It is also my day to catch up on tv. Downton Abbey tonight, anyone? But today was a little different. I got a little bit dressed up and went to church but then changed into jeans and a t-shirt and went downtown to serve the homeless with my youth group at a soup kitchen. It is a wonderful experience to be able to serve these people who might not get much other positive human contact otherwise. Service like that really makes me think about what is truly important in life, and no, it isn’t fashion. Though I do love clothes and get completely inspired by the fashion world, our lives have more important things in it. Serving others being a primary important goal. So I would encourage you to find a place in your local community that you can make a difference. It will bless your life, I promise.


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