Classday Thursday

Sweater – Liz Claiborne * Shirt – Target * Belt – Unknown * Jeans – American Eagle * Shoes – Target * Earrings – Claire’s

Have you noticed that I really love sweaters? Well, I do. In fact I went thrifting today and there was a gorgeous lemon colored sweater that I absolutely loved but I ended up just getting a pencil skirt which I will most likely wear soon. I also really love these Oxfords (last seen here). As a student there are not many times that I can dress up without looking out-of-place but I do dress up on Sundays when I go to church so that will be a day to look for that new skirt. Today I had a writing class to go to so it was important that I was comfortable, which is always important now that I think about it, every day is a good day to be comfortable. Today was also spent looking at several fashion blogs that I love looking for new ideas. This weekend I will be posting some inspiration I’ve been getting from Pinterest and Tumblr but in the meantime…

Here are some blogs that I am currently loving.

The Glamourai

Cupcakes and Cashmere

A Beautiful Mess

Kendi Everyday


One thought on “Classday Thursday

  1. hey … you look gorgi! ah i love sweaters a hell lot. i have like a dozen of them,but in India you hardly get to wear them,(winter here’s not too chilling!) well i was thinking why dont you try some indian clothes?? like.. a sari or a salwar suit!

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