Comfortable Wednesday

Sweater – Appleseed’s * Shorts – Eddie Bauer (originally jeans) * Tights – Costco * Shoes – Target * Scarf – gift from my sisters trip to Israel * Earrings – Claire’s

It’s a good thing I decided on this outfit for today. This was actually my second choice for the day but I am glad that I ended up making this decision. The weather today was very fickle. Inside our house it was in the low sixties, outside it was in the high sixties and then after three it got cloudy and got into the low fifties. I know that any of you reading this that actually get real weather will read and laugh. But for me today was winter so I was really glad I chose to wear tights, a sweater, and a scarf. These oxfords from Target are quickly turning into my favorite pair of shoes, except for my Toms, they are very comfortable and extremely versatile and I also got them for only $12! It was a win all the way around. Actually this whole outfit cost me less than thirty dollars. The only things I bought were the shoes, the jeans, and the earrings. The tights were a stocking stuffer from my parents, the sweater was a gift from my late grandmother, and the scarf was given to me by my sister. I love wearing things that have a story behind them and this outfit is comprised completely of stories.


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